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How to Safely Add an Admin to Any Social Media Profile

As your business grows you might consider outsourcing social media management to save yourself some time. It is imperative you practice safe sharing when it comes to your social media profiles. Giving your password to a virtual assistant can backfire on some networks, and if everyone is logging into one account it can become impossible to tell who posted what when there is an issue.

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Spring Clean Your Social Media Security

When was the last time you cleaned out your social media profiles? It’s something you should consider doing if you’ve been on a network for a few years, and probably should make a reminder to do on at least an annual basis. Spring cleaning your social media profiles can take care of various issues and maybe most importantly, can decrease your privacy and security risks.

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Tips for Managing Risk in Social Media

Social media is an effective, low-cost and low barrier marketing tactic. Perhaps because the barrier to entry is so low, the risk is quite high. As a social media consultant I firmly believe the benefits of social media marketing outweigh the risks. Here are a few of my best tips for managing the risks a small business owner might encounter in social media marketing.

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