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Rookie Digital Marketing Mistakes You Can Prevent

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a number of local business websites to prepare posts for a client. Visiting these websites I noticed a number of problems that are easy to fix, yet were there. Digital marketing is about making information available to your customers. Let's not forget, [...]

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Cheat Sheet: The ONLY social media image sizes you need to know (2017)

Finally! A cheat sheet that shows just the social media image size you really need to know! No more overwhelming variety of sizes to try to choose from. These are the sizes we use here at Twirp Communications for the main networks.

Are you a Social Media Grinch or a Santa?

Which personality do your followers most associate with your content marketing, the Grinch or Santa? This infograph will help you see your social media through their eyes. If you find yourself a little on the Grinch-y side, we've also got some tips for making improvements.


Facebook Business Page: Common Gaps by Small Businesses

For all those who are just now joining the social media revolution, and for those who are taking a business into the social realm for the first time, here are a few things to check out to make the most of the opportunity you have on Facebook.

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The Social Coast Episode 2: Amazing Algorithms

How Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn use Algorithms Our topic is Amazing Algorithms! Do you truly understand how Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn use algorithms to determine what shows up in your newsfeed? If you thought you did, look out; changes are coming to Facebook's algorithm. Twitter's getting one this week. [...]

3 Phone Skills That Will Improve Your Social Media

Years ago, likely when we were still referring to the internet as the World Wide Web, I listened to a radio interview that described a day when we’d all be able to design our own news feed. We’d turn on our computers each day and, based on our own [...]

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How to Pay an Online Invoice Through PayPal, WITHOUT Using a PayPal Account

I like to use my credit card to pay invoices online for business, but I don't like the charges to go through my PayPal account. To me it's cleaner to have them go straight to my credit card. Many people don't know how to do this, and end up [...]