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Setting Your Website Up for Social Media Success

In most marketing models, your website is the heart of your business and social media is the arteries bringing lifeblood to it. Social media spreads the word about your website and encourages people to come and read what you’ve written, or check out your products. We often think of social media as standing alone in this but really, if you want want to be efficient, you need to set up your website for social media success, too.

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How to Safely Add an Admin to Any Social Media Profile

As your business grows you might consider outsourcing social media management to save yourself some time. It is imperative you practice safe sharing when it comes to your social media profiles. Giving your password to a virtual assistant can backfire on some networks, and if everyone is logging into one account it can become impossible to tell who posted what when there is an issue.

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Why You Are The Best Person To Manage Your Social Media Marketing

A few weeks ago I received a text message from a small business owner I had met a few times, but didn’t know all that well. She was feeling overwhelmed and under-educated about social media and wanted to know if I would take her on as a management client. She has an amazing line of natural, locally made beauty products and was in the process of scaling up her business. However, she had a backlog of products she was feeling pressured to sell and because her time was being spent on the scaling of the business, she hadn’t had anyone looking after the social media marketing for a while. Her content would be easy…she has goats! Goats are the new cats on social media.

Social Media Can Be Fast, Cheap or Good. But Not All Three.

Social media is time-consuming. It’s as much art as it is technology. It’s new and complex and frustrating. Every business owner feels that way at some time or another. When I’m coaching clients I try to encourage patience, long-term visioning and planning. Some people take longer than others to join me in this position.

“I’m looking for a loophole, a quick fix, the easy way to do this,” one person said to me.

Here are my thoughts on that view of social media.

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How to Use Social Media Quizzes to Collect Leads

Everyone wants to know how to build their list–how to get more leads into the funnel. Interactive social media quizzes are a fabulous way to add some fun, do some research and generate leads, all in one fell swoop! Did you know that 96% of people who start a Buzzfeed quiz finish it? That’s a pretty high completion rate for anything. I found the Interact system incredibly easy to use, intuitive and professional. I am excited to share this new tool with you.

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Tips for Managing Risk in Social Media

Social media is an effective, low-cost and low barrier marketing tactic. Perhaps because the barrier to entry is so low, the risk is quite high. As a social media consultant I firmly believe the benefits of social media marketing outweigh the risks. Here are a few of my best tips for managing the risks a small business owner might encounter in social media marketing.

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5 Ways You Can Talk to Customers on Instagram

Did you know there is more than one way to talk to customers on Instagram? Believe it or not, it’s not all about the one photo and amazing description with 30 hashtags. That used to be the only thing Instagram had…then Facebook bought it and started adding features. Instagram has come a long way and gives us multiple ways to engage with our audiences now.