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Is it Time to Hire a Social Media Manager?

The people who hire Twirp Communications are generally lacking in one of these three things: time, resources/skills, and interest. Some businesses are ready to add additional support and social media makes sense to outsource. Some people are behind in their technical skills and don’t want to take the time [...]

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Setting up the new Twitter Dashboard

Twitter recently introduced one of the most highly sought after features, but it seems not a lot of people heard about it. The new Twitter dashboard is a simple way to feature tweets and media on your profile and schedule tweets with a native Twitter scheduler! AMEM and HALLELUJAH! [...]

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10 Ways to Leverage Twitter Lists

 Twitter lists are one of the lesser known, yet invaluable, tools provided by Twitter to help you manage the information you're viewing in your newsfeed. Managed properly, Twitter lists can help you find the content you're looking for faster, interact with your ideal clients easier and monitor your competition [...]

Unfollowing Inactive Twitter Accounts the Easy Way with Manage Flitter

Recently a few of my Twitter friends have hit the 2000 Twitter limit and have been asking for advice on how to continue to grow their Twitter following when they're not allowed to follow anyone new. I use the free version of Manage Flitter because it is so simple [...]

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Social Media Policy Gone Awry – A Case Study

If you have employees who are helping you with your corporate social media...no...wait...if you have employees period... you have likely thought about the need to have a social media policy. If you haven't had this thought yet, you'd better get to thinking! You're behind the eight ball if you [...]

Another Case Study of Auto-Linking Facebook to Twitter

I know I recently wrote about auto-linking your Facebook to your Twitter feed, the reasons why you shouldn't do it and what happens when you forget you're autolinking. Recently it was suggested that I follow a certain person who was a good follow for a certain industry. I'm always [...]


6 Reasons to Stop Linking Facebook to Twitter

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP auto-linking your Facebook Page posts to your Twitter feeds. That's right. DON'T DO IT. By "auto-linking" I mean setting it up on Facebook, with the Twitter app, so that EVERY. THING. YOU. POST. Is AUTOMAGICALLY shared on Twitter. STOP IT.