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Protecting Your Mental Health When You Manage Social Media

Social media is a phenomenal tool. It allows small business owners to share their mission with thousands of users. For the first time in history, small businesses can reach an almost limitless audience. Yet with its limitless potential, social media carries an unparalleled risk for distraction and comparison.

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Rookie Digital Marketing Mistakes You Can Prevent

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a number of local business websites to prepare posts for a client. Visiting these websites I noticed a number of problems that are easy to fix, yet were there. Digital marketing is about making information available to your customers. Let’s not forget, a website exists to help your potential client find the information they are looking for. If they can’t find it on your site, they’ll move on to someone else’s.

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35 Ways to Promote Your Social Media Profiles

You’ve started a new business and now it’s time to let people know about it. Social media is likely the first thing you’re thinking about these days. Once you have the social media profiles set up how do you let people know where to find you? I’ve updated an old article with 10 additional ways to promote your social media profiles!

Five Ways to Use Twitter Advanced Search to Find Leads

Twitter advanced search is a hidden gem. Most Twitter users know there is a search function on Twitter, and are able to find a user they’re looking for, or search for a topic or hashtag, but many Twitter users do not know how to do advanced and filtered searches to find very specific and relevant things, such as business leads.

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Do This One Thing to Ensure Your Comment Retweets are Seen

The world rejoiced when Twitter announced it was introducing a new comment retweet feature. For nearly nine years tweeps have longed for a way to add their own sentiments to a retweet in Twitter without resorting to third-party apps. Now we have it. When you click the retweet button, you are prompted to add your own thoughts in a compose window while the original post is embedded below your comments. You now have a full 140 characters to comment on something someone else has tweeted.

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Top 10 Tips for Marketing your Business on Facebook

Every social media presentation I give participants ask which network they should focus on first, and many assume it’s Facebook. Chances are, for most small businesses, Facebook is going to be the first stop on your social media strategy. Here are some of my top tips for marketing your business on Facebook.

12 Pages to Follow for Social Media Advice

My Favourite Halifax Twitter Accounts

Twitter still seems to be the mysterious social network for many new entrepreneurs. The @ and # symbols make it look like we’re speaking another language…and sometimes we are! Twitter is actually one of the easiest social networks to use, when you compare it to the complexity of Facebook or Linkedin, yet so many people are scared off by the symbols, acronyms, short-cut phrases and hashtags. Sometimes all you need is a good list of people to follow to get you going on Twitter.

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