positive social media Halifax

Winning Week: How Grateful is Halifax?

Every once in a while a local business here in Halifax catches my eye with something they're doing on social media. Whether it's a timely Facebook post, or a humorous tweet, there are definitely lots of great examples of Halifax businesses winning at social media. It's not something that [...]

positive social media Halifax

Winning Local Content: Halifax Harbour Bridges

It's been a while since I shared a good, local content example on the blog. This week I happened on a video from Halifax Harbour Bridges that I think is worthy of sharing. Here is, let's be honest, a pretty boring topic...the bridges that connect two of the communities [...]


Winning Week: Covered Bridge Potato Chips is Listening (#stormchips)

Have you rushed out to buy your first bag of #stormchips yet? No, I mean the real #stormchips from Covered Bridge Potato Company. Yes, #stormchips are a real product now. Amazing things come from listening to people on social media. Get inspired by this one example.

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Winning Week: Local Business Enters #TheDress Debate

Pretty much every business in Halifax could have done something with colour options and tagged #TheDress to become part of the conversation. Makeup vendors could have shown two eye makeup options. Our many dress boutiques could have shown their own wares. Graphic designers had umpteen options available. Who caught [...]