The Best Social Media Consultants in Halifax

While we would like to provide social media services to every company that comes to our site, we realize we are not the best fit for every company. You may need more, or less, than we are able to offer. We sometimes are asked to refer to other Halifax social media consultants, so to save you asking the sometimes awkward question, here are some of the best social media consultants in Halifax.

Please note, there are other social media consultants out there! I’ve only listed the few that I’ve had direct dealings with, or with whom my clients have dealt.  This isn’t to say that someone else couldn’t meet your social media needs, only that I don’t have enough knowledge of their capabilities, expertise, customer service, and success to recommend them.

Also realize each company has its own specialty. I generally don't work with fashion. Some people focus on certain industries.

You might also be interested in reading How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Social Media Consultant, and Questions to Ask Your Social Media Consultant, or Do You Even Need a Social Media Assistant.

As well, I recorded an episode of The Social Coast about determining which social media agency is right for you. If you're not sure, we're always open to chatting with you to see if Twirp is the best fit. You can book an appointment here.

Here are some of the other Halifax Social Media Consultants of whom I am aware (I’ve not yet met them all):

Daley Progress (Mainly focused on enewsletters)
Bold and Italic
KA Social Media
Digi Accel
Pepper it Marketing(Mainly focused on Nutritionists/Dieticians)
KI Digital Media
Sociable Media
Caring Counts
BritChick Social Media
KnockOut Social Media
Caley Dimmock
Sandbar Socials
Purple Lilac
Gather and Echo
Stockall and Company
Every Day I'm Branding



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