21 Day Flawsome TikTok Challenge

The clock is TikToking and it's time for you to jump on board.

If you've been looking at the fun, dancy, sassy videos coming out of the app and thinking "I could never do that", this TikTok challenge is for you!

TikTok is the fastest growing social network, surpassing both Facebook and Instagram in downloads and time spent on the app.

All challenges available on-demand in the Facebook Group!

$21 for 21 days of TikTok inspiration!

two hands holding a phone featuring Anita Kirkbride on TikTok for the 21 Day Flawsome TikTok Challenge

Honestly, just a few years ago I swore I would never make content like this. I thought it was stupid, useless and weird. I was way too awkward to dance and I just couldn't see a business case for it at all so I let it slide.

But TikTok continued to grow and diversify. And now it’s the THE BEST WAY to show your personality and build your brand in a whole new way.

Now I want to show YOU how you can make TikTok content for your small business in just a few minutes a day. YES, it really is that easy.

In this 21 day challenge you will:

Make 21 different videos showcasing your business and your personality to build your personal brand

Learn how to engage with others' content

Learn how to use the most popular features of TikTok to create your content

Gain confidence in your video abilities

Encourage other participants to share and build their own personal brand

It’s only $21 to join!

  • 21 days of video tutorials
  • 21 days of dedicated support
  • 21 days of encouragement from Anita & other participants
  • 21 days of content planned out for you
  • Basic beginner tutorials to get you up and running

Specifically, you will learn how to:

lip-sync to a video
add text that appears when you point
duet someone else’s video
stitch someone else’s video
find sounds/music
add music during and after shooting
use green screens to add photos/videos to your background
create value posts
add cover text
Add captions
And more!

All for just $1 a day. You cannot beat that.

This challenge is not for everyone.

I’m happy to have lurkers join to learn more about the platform, but you will have the best results if you commit to actually making the videos, obviously. This challenge is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who:

  • Don’t mind being on video
  • Like to try new things
  • Are a little bit silly sometimes
  • Want to showcase their personality in content
  • Have a mobile phone with a good camera
  • Are willing to download the TikTok app and create an account
  • Embrace the philosophy of #Flawsome!

Sign up now and join the Private Facebook Group where it’s all going to start on August 16th. It's only $21!

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