Tired of tearing your hair out with social media tactics that aren't driving results in your business?

That's not the anti-hero way! In this corner of the universe we UNDERcomplicate social media marketing. That means we make it so stinkin' simple you really have no excuses left to not do it.

Social Media Strategy for Anti-Heroes

A practical three-phase anti-hero approach to unleashing your social media genius

Practical, bite-sized video trainings (think 3-10 minutes each) so you can start improving your social media game from day one.


One Workbook to Rule them All

A step-by-step workbook to use as a follow-along guide for the course. This will keep your musings all in one place and your social media game on track.

YOUR Audience-Building Dynamic Content Calendar (think quality over quantity here)

CLEAR Social Media Goals for your business (so you actually see the results you want)

Let’s face it - it can be challenging to know if your social media account is actually “doing anything” for your business. We’ll cover how to set goals for your socials that align with your overall business goals, as well as how to optimise them once you understand how to measure if they’re working!

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What's Included?

In this course you'll

  • Choose the right platform (not all the platforms) for you and your ‘ideal client’ so that you can stop tearing out your luscious locks.
  • Create consistent, punchy content so that you can build a loyal following of buyers - without it feeling like a burden.
  • Design and build a content calendar that gets you excited about showing up on social media and the crowds that are now following you there.


Yvonne Schwemmer

“Thank you for the tremendous amount of knowledge you shared in your training this week. Telling to the value -- I'm in California, and most days made it on time for your 5am presentations!

Colleen Alexander, Founder, The She Shed

“Anita Kirkbride’s social media training is a great lunch hour investment! Sign up, make a sandwich, log on and get ready for 60 minutes of the best social media thinking for solo- and entrepreneurs. Anita guided us through the basics of prioritizing content, making a plan, selecting a platform and the importance of showing up regularly for success…”

Who's This For?

For The Disruptors and Daredevils:

  • For those who give the side-eye to every "Master Resellers Rights" TikTok, muttering, "Is this a joke?"
  • For the rebel business owners who shoulder their brand's identity, because they are the brand. No stand-ins.
  • Cynics at the front! If "Why" is your rallying cry, you're our kind of person.
  • If your mantra is "make it make sense" over "make it easy", you're in the right alley. We're all about the substance, not the shortcuts.
  • If you're tired of blending in and ready to stand out, even if it means ruffling some feathers, this is your jam.

If you want cookie-cutter, look elsewhere. If you're ready to be an anti-hero, read on!

Not For:

  • Anyone looking for a quick fix with little effort. Don't listen to the gurus; if that existed, we'd all be millionaires by now.
  • Someone who looks at the "Master Resellers Rights" TikToks and thinks "OMG that's such a quick and easy way to make money."
  • Template-chasers. If you're here for fill-in-the-blank shortcuts, the exit's that way.
  • If you dream of creating a month's content in a day, keep dreaming.
  • Comfort-zone campers. Here, we challenge the status quo. And you.
  • If a hint of constructive criticism sends you spiralling, this might be too hot to handle.
  • Business owners window shopping for results without investing the time? Not our jam.

Welcome to your Anti-Hero era! I'm Anita Kirkbride, the Anti-Hero Social Media Strategist

Embrace the Unconventional: I'm here to reveal the unconventional tactics of social media, equipping you to conquer the digital realm, amass devoted fans, and forge a legion of ideal clients. Together, we'll embark on a thrilling journey, where we redefine the rules and harness the untamed power of social media for your success.

Armed with a degree in communications and a digital presence that predates the Y2K scare, I've been hacking the web since before hashtags were cool.

My journey began in 2011, a lone wolf in the vast wilderness of the internet, determined to help organizations broadcast their message across the digital wasteland. But here's the twist: I soon realized that every solopreneur and small business has the potential to become a digital vigilante. They just need guidance from someone who's danced on the edge of the algorithmic abyss, mastered the art of engagement, and possesses a strategic mindset that could rival any supervillain's plan.

So, join me, your trusty anti-hero, and let's break the internet together. Because in this universe, we write our own rules and make chaos our ally.

So, future social media maverick, ready to ditch the script and rewrite the playbook?

  • Price: $199. Add some HST if you're chilling in Canada.
  • Refunds: They aren’t a thing. Just like unicorns and perfection. Because I can teach it, but it only works when YOU do.

Are you ready to don your red leather jacket?

UNDERcomplicating social media for small businesses who don't know what they don't know about social media marketing.
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