Help Your Facebook Fans See More of Your Content (Video)

screenshot of Facebook Like ButtonDid you hear? Facebook tweaked the newsfeed algorithm. AGAIN. Check your numbers. I’m guessing your reach has fallen dramatically. Mine certainly has. Who knows if Facebook will ever rejig things for the better. In the meantime, here’s how you can help your Facebook Fans see more of your content.

Follow this easy, three-step process

Older version of Facebook

  1. Like a post or three from the Facebook Page in question (Twirp Communications is here); that lets Facebook know you like my content. (In writing, this should have been step three… but I did the video first, so it’s step one. Live with it 🙂 )
  2. Visit a favourite Facebook Page by clicking on its name in your newsfeed, or typing the name in the search bar, and find the “Liked” button just under the cover photo. Hover over that (as in the picture) and make sure “Show in Newsfeed” is checked.
  3. Then, hover over that same “Liked” Button and click on “Settings” and choose your preferred option. If you’re visiting Twirp Communications, I hope you will choose “All Updates”, but I’ll be happy with “Most Updates”, too.
  4. BONUS: For the real, super-fan who just can’t miss anything posted at Twirp Communications, you can also click on the “Get Notifications” option. Every time we post, you’ll get a little red flag in your notifications. I didn’t include this tip in the video because doing this for too many pages would be pretty annoying… but you should feel free to do it for Twirp!

Newest version of Facebook

If you can’t find selections that match the above options, you’ve likely been switched over to the new Facebook (or partially). Instead you should look on the Page in question for a button that says Follow or Following. If it says Follow, you should click it to receive posts from that page in your newsfeed. If it says Following, you’ve already made that selection and clicking the button will tell Facebook to stop showing you posts from that Page.

Interestingly enough, you can choose to not receive 100% of the posts from a Facebook Page, but you cannot choose to receive 100% of the posts from that Page. Frustrating.

Do this for all the pages that have your MUST SEE content. This is the only way you can begin to control what Facebook shows you in your newsfeed. I can’t promise you total control, sorry.

If you prefer to see this in action, or you just love the sound of my voice, check out the screencast video I made below!


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