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Considerations in changing your Twitter handle

Recently a client mentioned she had changed her Twitter handle...but when I started asking her questions, she hadn’t considered the ramifications of doing so. Yes, it’s very easy to change your Twitter handle, and there are many reasons to consider doing so, but the domino effect of making the [...]

Social Media Strategy: Giving it all away for free on your blog

Often when I talk to new business owners about their social media strategy, or with experienced business owners who are new to social media marketing, I suggest they start a blog, write an ebook, create a list of tips, or develop a free giveaway for customers. Sometimes the business [...]

6 Goals that Should Precede Sales in your Content Strategy

Sales in and of itself is not a good content strategy goal for most businesses. You need to build trust and authority before people are going to be willing to buy products or services from you through social media. Your social media presence may even be a back up [...]

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The Best DIY Graphic Design Programs for Social Media

If you've decided to delve into the world of DIY graphic design, here are a few programs that will help you. They each have their own unique focus, features and benefits. To write this comparison, I'm using the same photo and quote on all programs and I'll talk about [...]