• How YOU are Contributing to Facebook Spam

    Jul 29 2014
    Anita Hovey Ford Mustang Cover Photo

    This post is for all the people who share the pictures of luxury cars, vacations and iphones in the hopes they will win one. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! YOU are helping create more Facebook spam. YES. YOU. ARE.

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  • Social Media Masterminding for your Small Business

    Jul 22 2014
    Anita Hovey social media workshop for business

    Masterminds aren’t just for your business development plan, you can also use social media masterminding to improve your social media strategy and implementation!

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  • Are People Looking for YOUR Business on Twitter?

    Jul 15 2014
    Anita Hovey Spring Twirp

    Potential clients and customers are looking for your products and services on Twitter. Are you there to collect the leads?

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  • Facebook Advertising for Small Business Case Study

    Jul 08 2014
    Anita Hovey

    Recently I was contracted to develop a Facebook advertising plan for a one-month promotion at a local business. Through the use of demographic targeting and interest selection, the ad resulted in a fair number of clicks through to the client’s website. Here’s how we approached the first prong or a four-pronged campaign.

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  • Is Your Social Media Plan CASL Compliant?

    Jun 17 2014
    Spring Twirp

    Our friend, Linda Daley, Daley Progress, is helping businesses wade through the upcoming CASL changes. Is your social media plan ready for the change? Linda will help you discover what you need to consider.

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  • Four Options for Managing Social Media While on Summer Vacation

    Jun 10 2014
    Anita Hovey heliophelia

    Social media doesn’t really take a “beach day”, so here are four options for managing your social media over the summer so you, too, can enjoy a trip to the beach (I’ll also accept cottage, lake, or second cousin twice removed’s house).

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  • When Being Trendy on Social Media Derails SEO Efforts

    Jun 03 2014
    Anita Hovey Halifax logo

    Jumping on a trend isn’t always useful for your SEO efforts. Here’s one example of a trend in Halifax that can derail your SEO efforts.

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  • Are you wasting your social credit?

    May 20 2014
    Anita Hovey Spring Twirp

    Many companies waste their entire “social credit” by closing accounts, misusing accounts or simply letting their profiles sit there dead and unused. Click through for tips on protecting your social credit.

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  • Can #Halifax Businesses Find Leads on Twitter?

    May 06 2014
    Anita Hovey Twitter birds

    The next installment of Finding Leads on Twitter sees unmet needs in parking, hockey jerseys, and locally farmed beef, but a nice save from one of the big cable companies.

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  • Go-To Tools for Small Business Revisited

    Apr 29 2014
    Anita Hovey social media tools

    When Twirp Communications was just a baby company, toddling around in diapers, I wrote a couple of posts about the best social media tools for small business I had found. I thought it was about time I updated my lists and shared some of the newer tools we’re using to manage social media for our clients.

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