Top 10 Etiquette Rules for Facebook Events

Facebook events are a great way to spread the word about your in-person and virtual events. Putting your information up and allowing your fans to show their interest and share the event, exposes you to a whole new audience that may not have had access to your information before. [...]

Winning Local Content: Halifax Harbour Bridges

It's been a while since I shared a good, local content example on the blog. This week I happened on a video from Halifax Harbour Bridges that I think is worthy of sharing. Here is, let's be honest, a pretty boring topic...the bridges that connect two of the communities [...]

live streaming birds

Social Media Marketing World 2016: Top Takeaways

For the second year, I've been fortunate to attend Social Media Examiner's annual conference, Social Media Marketing World. Last year I focused my time on learning more about Instagram and SEO. This year I focused on Snapchat and storytelling. What a difference a year can make! Here are my [...]

Content Strategy: To Educate

In my last blog post, I talked about content strategy for building your expert status. Perhaps that isn't your goal and instead you are trying to educate your followers about something. Building content that educates can look very different from content that builds reputation. Here are some ideas for [...]

advanced twitter search

Five Ways to Use Twitter Advanced Search to Find Leads

Twitter advanced search is a hidden gem. Most Twitter users know there is a search function on Twitter, and are able to find a user they're looking for, or search for a topic or hashtag, but many Twitter users do not know how to do advanced and filtered searches [...]