• How to Pay an Online Invoice Through PayPal, WITHOUT Using a PayPal Account

    Apr 21 2015
    Anita Hovey paypal logo

    I like to use my credit card to pay invoices online for business, but I don’t like the charges to go through my PayPal account. To me it’s cleaner to have them go straight to my credit card. Many people don’t know how to do this, and end up asking me to accept cheques/cash (which is actually better for me, so I’m ok with that). Paying through PayPal without an account is actually quite simple.

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  • Social Media Adoption: It’s a Generational Thing

    Apr 14 2015
    Anita Hovey social media workshop

    A recent post from my friend and telephone mentor, Mary Jane Copps, aka The Phone Lady about the millennial generation’s discomfort with TALKING ON THE PHONE really got to me. As I was reading the post I was very conscious of my inner voice asking “What do you mean Mary Jane? How could someone be THAT uncomfortable with the phone that they don’t even use it to call family and friends?”

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  • Twitter Tips Infographic

    Apr 07 2015
    Anita Hovey twitter graphic bubbles

    With the next Twitter 101 workshop just around the corner in Halifax, I’ve been searching for some new statistics, resources and graphics to share with the participants. Luckily for me Salesforce has done some of the work already and produced this awesome Twitter infographic. It’s really Twitter 101 in a nutshell. If you still need help learning how to use Twitter, please join me at Twitter 101 on April 17.

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  • Social Media Marketing World 2015: Top 10 Takeaways

    Apr 01 2015
    Anita Hovey social media marketing world logo

    Not only were many of the world’s biggest and brightest thought leaders from the social media and digital industries present (Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, CS Penn, Marcus Sheridan, Jay Baer, Chris Brogan, and so on, and so on), they were accessible, approachable and helpful. I attended sessions on Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Pinterest, marketing, blogging, SEO and more. I am rejuvenated and raring to go.

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  • Facebook Contests: What Can You Do?

    Mar 24 2015
    Anita Hovey winner engraved lock

    Did you know you *ARE* allowed to run contests directly on your Business Page now, without the use of an outside app? Did you also know the majority of the contests we see every day are breaking the rules and endangering their Page?

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  • Using Hootsuite to Find Business Leads on Twitter

    Mar 17 2015
    Anita Hovey Hootsuite Tutorial

    Time and time again I’ve told you to search Twitter for business leads. And I think every time I mentioned that you should consider setting up a dashboard to make the process easier. Here’s your guide to setting up search streams in your Hootsuite dashboard so you’ll never miss another business lead again!

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  • Winning Week: Local Business Enters #TheDress Debate

    Mar 07 2015
    Anita Hovey colour changed graphic

    Pretty much every business in Halifax could have done something with colour options and tagged #TheDress to become part of the conversation. Makeup vendors could have shown two eye makeup options. Our many dress boutiques could have shown their own wares. Graphic designers had umpteen options available. Who caught my eye?

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  • Social Media Gaffes Lacking Historical Sensitivity: Is Anyone to Blame?

    Mar 07 2015
    Anita Hovey Screen capture by @Walldo

    Is there a statute of limitations on historical references, that when reached means it’s now ok to adopt words, acronyms or symbols that used to be viewed negatively by society?

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  • Responding in Private on Social Media is NOT Good Enough.

    Feb 17 2015
    Anita Hovey social media quote

    It’s the advice we’ve all heard often enough…if a customer complains on your social media account, try to take the conversation private as soon as possible and get it resolved. I concur. Some things need to be dealt with privately. Your fans and followers don’t need to see every detail of the conversation back and forth between you and a disappointed customer.

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  • Using Hootsuite to Add url Parameters for Analytics Tracking

    Feb 11 2015
    Anita Hovey Hootsuite Tutorial

    Like anything else, you can’t say you’re successful if you can’t measure that success. If you can’t remember exactly which campaigns you want to track and how they were worded, you’ll end up with three versions of each campaign, which will make your analysis more difficult in the end.

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