• The Social Coast Episode 9: Storytelling for Small Business

    Apr 29 2016
    Anita Kirkbride social coast storytelling for small business

    Storytelling for small business needs to go way beyond the idea of having a beginning, middle and end. Join us as we unpack storytelling theory and tell the story of a made up brand as an example of how it can work for you.

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  • Social Media Marketing World 2016: Top Takeaways

    Apr 27 2016
    Anita Kirkbride live streaming birds

    For the second year, I’ve been fortunate to attend Social Media Examiner’s annual conference, Social Media Marketing World. Last year I focused my time on learning more about Instagram and SEO. This year I focused on Snapchat and storytelling. What a difference a year can make! Here are my top takeaways from this year’s event.

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  • Content Strategy: To Educate

    Apr 14 2016
    Anita Kirkbride content strategy educate TW

    In my last blog post, I talked about content strategy for building your expert status. Perhaps that isn’t your goal and instead you are trying to educate your followers about something. Building content that educates can look very different from content that builds reputation. Here are some ideas for your content when you are trying

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  • Content Strategy: Be the Expert

    Mar 29 2016
    Anita Kirkbride

    If “selling” is your main goal for social media, it’s time to make a change. I can think of at least 12 different social media goals you could choose from and not a single one of them is “sales”. I maintain if you work on some of these other goals, the sales will follow. But if you begin with a goal of sales, these other things will not naturally fall into place. If your goal on social media is to be the expert in your field/community/industry/company, then advertising you are the expert just won’t cut it. You have to prove you are the expert and you’ll need a content strategy to support that goal.

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  • Five Ways to Use Twitter Advanced Search to Find Leads

    Mar 22 2016
    Anita Kirkbride advanced twitter search

    Twitter advanced search is a hidden gem. Most Twitter users know there is a search function on Twitter, and are able to find a user they’re looking for, or search for a topic or hashtag, but many Twitter users do not know how to do advanced and filtered searches to find very specific and relevant things, such as business leads.

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  • Host a Blab: Get the Most From Your Efforts

    Mar 15 2016
    Anita Kirkbride host a blab

    If you want to host a Blab on a regular basis it takes a lot of work. Here are some tips to maximize your outreach and minimize the workload.

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  • The Social Coast Episode 6: DIY Graphic Design for Social Media

    Mar 10 2016
    Anita Kirkbride social coast graphic design for social media

    Live discussion about DIY graphic design for social media: tools, tips and resources. Catch the replay and resource list if you missed it.

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  • 10 Ways to Leverage Twitter Lists

    Mar 08 2016
    Anita Kirkbride leverage twitter lists birds

    Twitter lists are one of the lesser known, yet invaluable, tools provided by Twitter to help you manage the information you’re viewing in your newsfeed. Managed properly, Twitter lists can help you find the content you’re looking for faster, interact with your ideal clients easier and monitor your competition in less time! How to Set

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  • The Social Coast Episode 5: The How and Why of Blogging for Business

    Mar 04 2016
    Anita Kirkbride social coast graphic design for social media

    This week we’re talking about how and why a small business should consider blogging. We covered the different types of blogging platforms, different reasons to blog and even ways to come up with content ideas. The two biggest reasons for a small business to blog are to tell a brand story and for SEO. There are, of course, many other reasons to blog, but for a business who is looking into blogging, these are key. Have a listen to the replay above, and check out the resources we mentioned.

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  • The Social Coast Episode 4: How to Choose a Social Media Consultant

    Feb 26 2016
    Anita Kirkbride social coast graphic design for social media

    Live discussion on How to Choose a Social Media Consultant. Questions to ask, things to look for, red flags to avoid.

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