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Make the New Facebook Lists Work for You.

Every workshop I go to people want to know how to choose who gets to see your updates on Facebook. Until fairly recently, you couldn't really choose (not easily anyhow). With the introduction of Google+ and "circles" we see Facebook playing catch up and trying to fill the gaps [...]


Trust is a Five-Letter Word

I was meeting with a potential new client recently when she expressed her uneasiness at "outsourcing" social media work. I know many experts and afficionados abhor the thought of letting someone else "do" your social media, but the simple fact is that not every business has the time, interest [...]

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Social Media Book Review: The UnReview

UnMarketing is one marketing book you will truly enjoy reading. If you've ever been witness to apathetic customer service, this is the book for you. 3 Scott will give you a whole new perspective on customer service and how to provide it exceptionally. He uses common examples and injects [...]

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Finding Engagement with a Computer

Last week I ended my blog post with a little ditty on "engagement". One of the biggest learnings I had from my first workshop, "Social Media for Twirps" was that "engagement" is a difficult concept for some people to understand. For many people social media is about computers. It's [...]