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Top 10 Tips for Marketing your Business on Facebook

Every social media presentation I give participants ask which network they should focus on first, and many assume it's Facebook. Chances are, for most small businesses, Facebook is going to be the first stop on your social media strategy. Here are some of my top tips for marketing your [...]

12 Pages to Follow for Social Media Advice

12 Most Attainable Social Media Goals for Your Business

Social media goals aren't all about sales. Would you believe some companies use social media purely for awareness or customer service? Read along to find inspiration for your social media goals other than sales. You might be surprised.

Following unrelated Twitter accounts

Twitter Strategy: You are who you follow

Do you have a Twitter strategy for who you will follow (or follow back) with your business Twitter account? If not, it's time for you to consider the ramifications of willy-nilly following (which *is* a Twitter strategy in itself, I suppose). Savvy Twitter users are checking out your profile [...]

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12 Most Fantabulous Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media

One of the ideas I often give my clients and students for finding content for their social media strategies is to think about fun and interesting “holidays” that relate (or don’t) to their business. The obvious ones are all the health-related awareness days, weeks and months, which are good [...]

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