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7 Tips to Make Your Online Marketing Accessible to Everyone

One in five Canadians and one in four Americans have a disability. A disability isn’t always negative, but our environments make it challenging for everyone to enjoy the same resources. This week is National Accessibility Week (May 30-Jue 5, 2021) so I’m using this space to talk to small businesses about improving the accessibility of their social media and online marketing.

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Protecting Your Mental Health When You Manage Social Media

Social media is a phenomenal tool. It allows small business owners to share their mission with thousands of users. For the first time in history, small businesses can reach an almost limitless audience. Yet with its limitless potential, social media carries an unparalleled risk for distraction and comparison.

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8 Must-Have Chrome Browser Extensions for Social Media Managers

Love it or hate it, approximately 70% of internet surfing is done via Chrome now and there are many good reasons for that. When I began using Google products many years ago Chrome was simply a faster, easier browser to use and I’ve never looked back. One of the things I love is the ease with which I can add browser extensions to help me work smarter and more efficiently in social media. Here are some of my favourite Chrome browser extensions for social media managers.

How to Fix a Typo in Your Social Media Posts

10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years as a Social Media Consultant

If you’re new to business or you’re working a side hustle, let me save you some time and heartache. I’ve spent an entire decade as a solopreneur/small business owner now, freelancing in social media training and consulting. While I’ve learned much about social media, of course, I’ve also learned a few lessons about being in business. These are some of the things I see new business owners struggling with every day and while I’m certainly not perfect at any of this, I’ve come a long way in 10 years.

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How to Love Your Social Media Plan

Templates for social media plans are all over the internet. Whether you’re a florist or a car dealer, I’m betting you can find a social media plan template that is made just for you…and everyone else in your industry. Templates can be helpful to get your creative juices flowing, but how can you expect to make your business be seen above all the digital noise if you’re using the same template as everyone else? In the decade (yikes that makes me feel old) I’ve been coming up with social media plans for small businesses, and managing them, I’ve learned a few things about how to love the plan you have.

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5 Free Design Apps to Step Up Your Social Media Game

Humans are visual creatures. It takes more than written content to catch our eye and entice us to dig deeper into social media posts. Businesses depend on imagery and graphics to create scroll-stopping content. Creating your graphics and social content doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive if you have a good eye for design (and yo, not everyone is good at this, so please, know when you aren’t!) Here are five free design apps I’m checking out that you can use to create some impressive social media content for your business.  

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