Live Tweeting Superbowl 48: Winners and Losers

While I watched the game, and flipped through the US commercials online, I was also following the #SB48 discussions on Twitter, through a real-time stream in my Hootsuite dashboard--this is one of the reasons I love Hootsuite. Every once in a while, a brand tweet would break the monotony [...]

Help Your Facebook Fans See More of Your Content (Video)

Did you hear? Facebook tweaked the newsfeed algorithm. AGAIN. Check your numbers. I'm guessing your reach has fallen dramatically. Mine certainly has. Who knows if Facebook will ever rejig things for the better. In the meantime, here's how you can help your Facebook Fans see more of your content.

integrating social media and email graphic

Seven Steps to Integrating eNewsletters with Social Media

Does your newsletter help your social media? Or is social media helping your newsletter? Whether you're sharing, connecting or promoting, the two go together like milk and cookies. Integrating your enewsletters with your social media is really quite simple and there are many ways to do it.

12 Pages to Follow for Social Media Advice

12 Most Attainable Social Media Goals for Your Business

Social media goals aren't all about sales. Would you believe some companies use social media purely for awareness or customer service? Read along to find inspiration for your social media goals other than sales. You might be surprised.