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Seven Steps to Integrating eNewsletters with Social Media

Does your newsletter help your social media? Or is social media helping your newsletter? Whether you're sharing, connecting or promoting, the two go together like milk and cookies. Integrating your enewsletters with your social media is really quite simple and there are many ways to do it.

Embeddable Tweets–What, Why and How

What is an Embedded Tweet? Did you know that you can embed live tweets directly into your website or blog? An embedded tweet links directly to Twitter, shows the conversation the tweet began, and includes a follow button. It looks like this: This is an embedded tweet. — Anita Hovey (@anitahovey) January [...]

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Streamlining Your Twitter Experience

If you've had the chance to attend any of my social media workshops, or hear me speak, or probably any other social media expert, you'll likely have heard me say you cannot be successful on Twitter by following a handful of people. To use Twitter for business purposes, you'll [...]

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3 Steps to a Better Facebook Newsfeed

If you've been using Facebook for any length of time, you've likely accumulated a multitude of friends and brand pages--some of which you interact with daily and others...not so much. Have you ever noticed that some of the people/brands you want to interact with more just aren't appearing in [...]