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12 Most Fantabulous Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media

One of the ideas I often give my clients and students for finding content for their social media strategies is to think about fun and interesting “holidays” that relate (or don’t) to their business. The obvious ones are all the health-related awareness days, weeks and months, which are good for everyone, but lesser known, more unique celebrations offer a new way to promote your business. I once suggested my daycare participate in “Chicken Dance Day” and call the media for a good news story opportunity. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to see preschoolers doing the chicken dance? Here is one quirky celebration for each month of 2013 to get your {chicken} juices flowing. There is something in each one that can be shared on social media, so don’t forget to take pictures.

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How to See Who RTd Your Content

One of the downfalls to using a 3rd party dashboard as your everyday access point for Twitter is that it’s not always easy to see who RTd your content. If they’ve tagged @anitakirkbride then of course I’m going to see it pop up as a mention, but if they haven’t, it’s a little harder. Twitter … Read more

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Social Media Audit-Common Themes

One of the social media management services I have been called on to do often is a social media audit – a thorough look at a client’s social profiles, resulting in a report of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Here are some of the most common missed opportunities for small businesses in the social space. … Read more

A Social Media for Business “Don’t”

This is why you should not auto-link your Facebook posts to Twitter. Confused? Yes, this is a tweet. On Twitter. Inviting you to follow them. On Twitter. This is the kind of absurdity that happens when you try to short cut social media for your business. I’ve explained before why a business shouldn’t auto-link accounts, … Read more

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Responsible Scheduling: An Automation Philosophy

Some social media experts still vehemently oppose any kind of scheduling, duplication, cross posting or automation. Responsible scheduling is the philosophy of using the best features of scheduling programs while keeping engagement top of mind.

12 Pages to Follow for Social Media Advice

12 Most Compelling Reasons to Use Hootsuite

Social media is really no longer a choice for business owners. Every business needs to be doing something in the social media arena, and very likely more participating in more than one social network. Whether a business is marketing to other businesses or to consumers, potential customers are online somewhere, it’s just a matter of … Read more

5 Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Business to Pinterest

Last week I had the honour of presenting at the Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference for the first time. My topic was how to use Pinterest for business. I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous about the topic, after all, Pinterest is relatively new, being only two years old, so would anyone at the conference be … Read more